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Landers STAR Collection

Ruth and Audrey of Landers STAR Collection

Ruth and Audrey Landers

About Landers STAR Collection

During Audrey Landers 30 year career in front of the camera -- with Ruth as her manager and producer-- the duo collaborated with the designers who were styling Audrey-in Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Milan. Over the years they learned the secrets to accentuating one’s assets, and camouflaging when necessary.

Now they have added "Dallas" to their style collaborations.  As Afton Cooper on "Dallas" TNT 2013, Audrey will wear some of her own Landers STAR Collection fashions. Some of these styles will be available at this online store, coming soon! Check back for new items from our European Collections. 

With that insight and experience, along with their deep love of all things fashion and style, the Landers STAR Collection of women’s clothing and accessories was born in 2007, premiering on Home Shopping Europe with great success. Their fashion philosophy is "Every woman is a star and she deserves to shine."

Ruth and Audrey appeared on air (speaking several languages) and had a fruitful year abroad adding to Audrey’s already established European stardom through her recording career and Dallas fame. They decided to bring the Landers STAR Collection home to the U.S. consumer, where it became available at ShopNbc.  QVC UK is the next stop for Landers STAR Collection, as well as select boutiques in the U.S. and Canada.

This year, they will expand Landers STAR Collection to include a selection of dazzling fashion jewelry,elegant loungewear, and spectacular handbags.  Future plans include their Landers Luscious Skin Care products.

Check out the collection and shop here.


Ruth and Audrey Landers in STAR Collection loungewear

Ruth and Audrey Landers wearing clothes from Landers STAR Collection