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Trivia & Personsal Stats


Audrey’s Favorites

Role I have played…. Afton Cooper on Dallas was the most fun! Over the course of the series I had the opportunity to play the ultimate bad girl, who then becomes the loving paramour with a heart of gold. I also had the chance to sing in the series -- and Afton sang all the songs that Audrey wrote. And then there's Val in A Chorus Line: The Movie.  She is the quintessential “T and A” girl-- what a fun association.

Movie/television show…. Since I get so emotionally caught up in whatever I am watching, I have to say that I enjoy comedies -- but I deeply appreciate heavy movies that send a message that needs to be heard. There are so many facets to my personality that I find it impossible to pick a favorite -- it could change in ten minutes!

Actor/actress…. Who doesn't admire Meryl Streep? She plays drama and comedy equally as well. She is always totally immersed in her characters. She has also been able to balance a marriage and children.

Singer... My favorite singer is an artist that I mentor- Daniel Landers. He also happens to be my teenage son :) He is an amazingly gifted songwriter-- with an uncanny talent for always being one step ahead of the next trend.

Show/play…. I love the classic musicals -- like The Sound of Music and South Pacific.  That being said, I have seen Mama Mia three times on Broadway!

Food…. My favorite food would have to be anything that didn't involve harming an animal. I love mangos, papayas, and of course pizza and ice cream.

Location…. My home in Florida.

Clothing item…. Anything that is in my closet that fits me at that moment without being tight. Right now, my favorite item is from my own collection. It is my gold metallic Anorak jacket.

Makeup…. I love my concealer and my lip gloss. They are a great "pick- me-up" if I am looking a little tired.

Haircare product…. I always experiment with new things. Right now, I am into conditioning my hair with olive oil.

Store…. I know it's hard to believe, but I don't love shopping for clothes. When I go to a store, it is specifically to buy something. I love buying online. And….I love hardware stores! I can always find something I need-- like needle nose pliers or shellac.  Now if I could only learn what to do with them!

Perfume…. I love Coco by Chanel. On summer days, I also love a fragrance that is fresh and lemony with some lilac in it. My sexy favorite perfume is Jean Paul Gaultier.

Sports team…. Whatever teams my boys are playing on, or rooting for.

Animal companions.... Andy, our 14 pound Yorkie-Maltese mix, and Roxy, our 10 pound miniature rat terrier. Both rescued from shelters. 



Test your Audrey Landers entertainment knowledge with these trivia questions! (answers below)  

1.) What was the song that Audrey sang as a duet with Tom Jones in the early 1980's?

2.) What was the name of Audrey's first gold record -- a world hit record in 1983 --that she co-wrote, that sold more than four million copies in Europe?

3.) What was the name of Audrey’ first record, released in the U.S. when Audrey was 15 years old?  (Hint: It was a country record, produced by the legendary Buddy Killen and written by Audrey.  It was then banned from country radio stations because of a controversial phrase in the lyrics.)

4.) Who was the first character Audrey ever played in a community theater touring company when she was nine years old?

5.) What character did Audrey play in the short-lived TV series based on the Archie Comic books? The show was produced by James Komack (Welcome Back Kotter) and co-written by Danny Simon (brother of Neil Simon).

6.) What was the name of the TV pilot in which Audrey played a student and Joe Namath played the teacher?

7a.) How many months did it take to film A Chorus Line : The Movie? 

7b.) How long did it take for Audrey to film her classic song/scene "Dance Ten, Looks Three"?

8.) Why did Audrey temporarily leave the TV series Dallas in 1985?

9.) In which TV episodic did Audrey play twins?

10.) What famous general did Audrey sing to for his 90th birthday?

1.) Reunited
2.) Manuel Goodbye
3.)  The Apple Don't Fall Far from the Tree
4.) Toto the dog, in a musical version of the Wizard of Oz
5.) Betty
6.) Waverly Wonders
7a.) Four and a half months
7b.) Two "takes”
8.) To move to New York to film A Chorus Line: The Movie
9.) Two Times Trouble on MacGyver
10.) General Jimmy Doolittle.  It was filmed for a TV Special with Bob Hope at  Miramar Air Force Base in San Diego, CA