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About Audrey


Photo by Alan Mercer

      Audrey Landers is an accomplished actor, singer, writer, director, composer, producer, and business woman. She is best known to fans all over the world for her memorable role as “Afton Cooper” for eight years on Dallas. Afton was the sultry songstress, singing all the songs that Audrey wrote. She appeared in the new "Dallas" series on TNT, reprising her role. Ms. Landers recently completed costarring in a movie for the Hallmark Channel, Love At Sea, that will be broadcast on August 11, 2018, and is costarring in a Murder at the Mansion, in post production 2018.

      She has had a wonderful career, having written and recorded her first hit record at age 14 on Epic Records, and going on to star in daytime dramas through her teens and college. She majored in Psychology at Columbia/Barnard and studied music theory at Juilliard School of Music. She spent the 80's and 90's in front of the camera in “Dallas,"  as Val in “A Chorus Line: The Movie,”  her controversial cover and 10 page pictorial in Playboy Magazine, with her clothes on, daytime dramas, Love Boat, Fantasy Island—etc… Behind the scenes, Ms. Landers coproduced films such as Ghost Writer and California Casanova. She has an ongoing 3 decade career as a multi-gold and platinum recording artist and songwriter overseas, earning 10 gold singles, 4 gold albums and 2 platinum albums. She did concerts in Europe, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, headlining with Billy Crystal, Glen Campbell, Bob Hope, Rich Little, Tom Jones, and many more. In 2018, Ms. Landers performed songs from The Great American Songbook with the 64 piece Pops Orchestra. 

        Audrey costarred in, edited and wrote the 47 half hour episodes and 250+ original songs in her award-winning musical educational children's TV series, The Huggabug Club, donated to public television,  produced by Audrey’s mother and business partner, Ruth Landers. In 2008, Ms. Landers cowrote and directed Circus Island, a full length feature film. It was a family adventure in more ways than one! She continues to produce and direct music videos for a variety of up and coming recording artists.

       You saw her appearances in a recurring role as "Veronica" on USA Network’s Burn Notice, and in Fox Film’s remake, Bachelor Party. She costarred in the Jackie Mason feature, In a Pickle. Keeping it all in the family, and continuing their long-standing business partnership, Ruth and Audrey co created Landers STAR Collection, a women’s clothing and accessories company, providing affordable glamorous fashion to women across the globe, from HSE Munich, QVC UK, Italy and France. The Landers fashion philosophy is, “Every woman is a star and she deserves to shine.”

       In 2012, the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association, Inc. voted unanimously to bestow its Lifetime Achievement Award upon Audrey Landers at their 22nd Annual Crystal Reel Awards. 

      Audrey’s son, Daniel Landers is continuing the family tradition as the 3rd generation in the Entertainment Industry. Daniel is an accomplished composer, songwriter, musician and performer.  Together they are collaborating on an edgy, dark pop musical. 


Audrey as Veronica in Burn Notice, USA Network
Audrey as "Veronica" in Burn Notice on USA Network 2009

Audrey and Ruth at the Opernball