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About Audrey


Photo by Alan Mercer

Audrey Landers is an accomplished actor, singer, writer, composer, and producer She is best known to fans all over the world for her memorable role as “Afton Cooper” for eight years on Dallas, her controversial Playboy pictorial (with her clothes on), and hundreds of television gigs in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2013 and 2014 Audrey reprises her role as Afton Cooper in the new "Dallas" TV series, seen on TNT. 

Audrey Landers had been somewhat under the radar in the U.S. over the last few years, raising her sons, managing and mentoring her son Daniel’s music career, and continuing to be a record-breaking singer/songwriter in Europe (recording and performing in several languages).  Now, back in the U.S. spotlight, Audrey is also successfully building a fashion business. Audrey and Daniel

Keeping it all in the family (her mother Ruth has managed and produced Audrey’s career for over 30 years) and continuing their long-standing business partnership, Audrey and Ruth have co-created Landers STAR Collection, offering affordable glamour to women across the globe.

As a teen, Audrey studied music at the Juilliard School in New York, while majoring in psychology at Columbia University/Barnard and landing professional acting roles.  She literally grew up in front of the camera and on stage. As a child and young teen In the 1970s, she starred on daytime television (Secret Storm, Somerset) followed by hundreds of guest roles in the 1980s and 1990s (Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Cosby Show, Murder She Wrote, Hotel, The Dukes of Hazzard, MacGyver, among others) and, of course  her long-run on Dallas through the 80's to the show's end in the 90's.  

During that time, she also became a popular frequent celebrity participant on every game show from Match Game and Hollywood Squares to $100,000 Pyramid and Password.

She went on to star -- singing and dancing -- as “Val” in the film A Chorus Line (1985) and on the daytime drama One Life to Live (1990). She also continued to perform live shows in Europe, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, headlining with Billy Crystal, Rich Little, and many more.    

In 1995 with toddler boys at home, Audrey wrote (47 episodes, 250 original songs) and performed in the children’s series, The Huggabug Club, produced by Ruth, and which she donated to public television for five years. The Huggabug Club continues to be a valuable learning tool for pre-schoolers.

In 2007 Audrey co wrote and directed "Circus Island," a full length feature film, produced by Ruth Landers. It was a family adventure in more ways than one!

In 2008 and 2009 Audrey appeared in a recurring role as"Veronica" on USA Network’s Burn Notice. In 2010 she also costarred in Fox Films remake, Bachelor Party. In A Pickle is the Jackie Mason movie in which Audrey costars as Nadia.

While working in the U.S., she was breaking records in Europe as a singer and composer. She earned 10 gold singles, four gold albums and two platinum albums. In January 2011, she released a multi lingual European album. Her album, "Dallas, TX Feels Like Home,"  features many songs she wrote and performed on "Dallas" over the years.

Landers has been married to businessman Donald Berkowitz since 1988 and they have twin  boys.  Their family also includes two dogs rescued from shelters - Andy and Roxy. 

Audrey as "Veronica" in Burn Notice on USA Network 2009

Audrey and Ruth at the Opernball